Property Dealings Now Only One Click Away

Traditionally, property transactions were fraught with unending hassles whether you are buying a property or intending to dispose of your property.  You will agree that the real estate market is a place where both the seller and the purchaser feel that the price could have been more favorable than what is finalized.  If you are shying away in the property dealings because of the ordeals of market survey and uncertainty of the antecedents of the counter party, you can be rest assured that you can have a peaceful transaction.  The Modern Method Auction is simpler than what you imagine and you can experience while you browse at

More User-friendly Process of Property Dealings

There is no second opinion that the most viable alternative to the traditional method of property dealings is the online auction which is beneficial to the buyer or the seller as the case may be.  The simple steps you will have to complete at  make you at ease and instill the confidence of finalization of the transaction at a reasonable price.  If you are a novice in the market, we can offer you the free service of valuation of the property without any obligations.  The Modern Method Auction of the company supports you with full training, IT and marketing as far as the auction services are concerned.

Benefits to the Seller

  • No cartel in bidding
  • The commission being levied by the real estate agency in the conventional method of sale could be avoided as we do not charge any commission from the seller.
  • Online details of bids and “views”
  • You can be assured of getting the true market value for the property intended to be sold
  • Assured time schedule for completion of the contract
  • Security of non-refundable deposit

Advantages to the Buyer

  • All transactions are transparent
  • No rip off in the offers
  • 24 x 7 online bidding
  • Dealing with genuine sellers
  • You can buy even with a mortgage facility
  • Reasonable commission

Other Features of the Process

  • Once you intend to sell the property, you can enter into a contract identifying the property.
  • The most transparent method since you can view the bids
  • Auction generally completed in 30 days or seller accepts the bid / reached the reserve price
  • Non-refundable deposit by the buyer
  • Once the deal is finalized, the buyer pays 3.5% commission subject to a minimum of £ 5000
  • Reservation contract in 28 days
  • Another 28 days for completion of sale deed registration

The real estate properties could not have been easier had the Modern Method Auction had not been innovated by iam sold.

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